Magic Fluids Lite App Store Review

Contact the screen and experience this astonishing, similar test system of liquid physical science that you can cooperate and play with. Stunning special visualizations give a mind boggling feel. Explore different avenues regarding endless arrangements, view as the ideal one, and – best of all – make it your live backdrop!

Contact THE SCREEN and appreciate spellbinding movement of liquid twirls moving around, in some cases slow, tranquil and exquisite, different times dynamic, fulfilling and trippy.

Quiet DOWN AND Unwind as you draw and watch serene streams advance in space and in the end settle down into vivid examples. Sorcery Liquids will assist you with dozing, contemplate, reestablish harmony, assuage pressure and uneasiness.

GET Inventive and, with a bit of your finger, rejuvenate up-to-date examples of paint and particles. On the off chance that you like conceptual advanced workmanship or acrylic pour painting, you’ll cherish Sorcery Liquids! You can make noteworthy eye-getting plans that seem to be twirls, systems, fluid, fire, light, smoke, magma and significantly more!

DOODLE ON YOUR HOMESCREEN – Enchantment Liquids can be utilized as a Live Backdrop as well as a normal application.

30 Second Wait करके डाउनलोड करे  

डाउनलोड अप्प्स

Liquid reproduction in your pocket! Contact the screen and make lovely movement of brilliant smoke and water. Quiet down and unwind as you watch trippy, mysterious whirls of streaming tones. Get imaginative and plan inventive, fulfilling examples of paint and particles.

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